Workflow automation
Whether it is the elimination of a 200 column spreadsheet from a weekly process or automating the creation and delivery of critical information to an executive team for timely analysis, Winfund listens to your needs and provides innovative technology and process-based solutions
Dashboard experience – the era of “I have a report that …” is coming to an end.
Our focus on Dashboard technology and user experiences is allowing data to
be available at a click of the mouse.
Introducing intuitive and reflexive logic data entry processes allows for
higher YIGO %s. Winfund is launching an Onboarding solution that ensures
all the right questions are asked and all the appropriate forms are
filled for a new client joining you.
The same Onboarding technology is the base for our Smart app solution for Insurance which allows an advisor to capture a live insurance application electronically. This application allows for reflexive logic and ensures that all of the necessary information is gathered before being submitted thus saving the existing “Ping Pong” needed to follow up on a policy.
E-delivery of official documents
With rising dealer expenses around the delivery of official documents, our clients are searching for relief. Winfund has projects underway which will add to the current E-delivery of Advisor Commission statements, and Client Quarterly statements. This new focus includes such things as the E-delivery of Tax receipts, Order confirms and KYC renewals to name a few.
Not only will this expense saving flow to your dealership’s bottom line but clients will be getting documents faster and in a manor that is helpful to the environment.
Strength through partnership
Through our carefully selected partnerships, Winfund is able to leverage the R&D, expertise and scale of the members of our partnership program to provide timely and modern solutions to our clients.
An example of this partnership is our long-lasting relationship and OEM agreement with Equisoft Solutions, which allows us to offer you the W.portfolio module. This module is the most advanced and easy to use portfolio management solution with global adoption. One of the key strengths of the module is its ability to handle the full cycle of portfolio analysis, review, rebalancing and Client proposal.

The following easy to use steps allow an advisor of any experience to provide a structured and compliant review of a client’s portfolio.

  •         The initial capture of the client’s holding.
  •         A questionnaire process to determine the client’s objectives.
  •         Model portfolio selection
  •         Large number of institutional analytics to strengthen and validate the portfolio choice.
  •         Client facing reporting to walk them through the recommendation
  •         Client Acceptance page for client sign-off.

The configurability of the product allows you to customize each step during the initial implementation of the product.
To learn more about Winfund’s innovations, please contact us at  or 1-888-994-6363