Discover how Winfund’s W.compliance module can play an integral role in facilitating your day to day compliance procedures.  Our current solutions in the areas of Suitability Guidelines, Churning, KYC monitoring and IPC Reporting are proof positive that Winfund is staying ahead of the curve with respect to the significant & ongoing changes in the industry.
It starts off with the order entry…

As users enter clients’ trades, Winfund employs a dealer specific, rule-based system to determine the suitability of those investments. Fund risk ratings are compared against the account’s risk tolerance to determine the allowable allocation in each risk category. The results are presented in an easy to read graph format.

Daily supervision
Once the trades are submitted, they are then routed through
Winfund’s compliance module.
Here, they are evaluated based on a number of criteria and placed on the appropriate reports for review. Potential compliance issues are easily identified, and other tools are made available to the reviewer, making the assessment process clear and intuitive.
Review is available on a 2-tier basis, where branch managers as well as head office compliance staff are able to perform independent reviews of accounts and transactions.
Accounts and trades are approved or declined and archived so that they can easily be retrieved when necessary.
Trading trends
In addition to the daily overview of activity, comprehensive trading trend reports provide details on how assets and commissions have varied over time. Churning and transaction count reports also help identify when transactions have been placed which are not in the best interest of the investor.
Each trending report provides details regarding the transactions, including fees and commissions that make up the report. Trending reports are reviewed as a whole, and the approval is archived as evidence of supervision.
The Ad hoc Reports act as “point in time” snapshots of the Winfund database allowing branch managers and dealer compliance officers to quickly identify & take action to correct a comprehensive list of compliance issues.
These reports make it possible to comply with AML requirements, and therefore are a popular option for even non-MFDA member organizations. Track missing client identification for example, or produce the PEFP report. Find clients not living in the jurisdiction of their advisor, or all clients with an incomplete KYC.