Changing the way you see and do business

Winfund’s Wealth Management Platform is constantly evolving as we introduce new and innovative ideas and workflows to our clients. Whether it is by introducing new partners, modules or enhancing existing processes, Winfund strives to make things easier for our clients. We see past the technology and into the nature of why the process exists in the first place.

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The challenge of compliance

Winfund's compliance module integrates with Winfund's wealth management platform to meet daily, monthly and ad-hoc compliance needs. More than an inventory of reports, W.compliance is a framework that provides a consistent method to attain direct, valuable and precise review of your dealer's internal activities.

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The Advisor is still very much a point of focus

Innovation at Winfund has kicked into high gear and the industry is paying notice. Advisors now have a wealth of user-friendly modules to help improve their business with more on the way.

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Winfund Solution Matrix

Winfund Solution Matrix

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Mutual Fund Dealer

Winfund offers a wide range of solutions to help ensure your dealership succeeds in the Canadian mutual fund industry.

  • For use by dealers with an MFDA membership between levels 2 and 4
  • Accommodates centralized and distributed models
  • Integrate the W.compliance module to accurately monitor advisor activity and meet compliance regulations
  • Implement an E-delivery methodology to easily and effectively distribute quarterly statements to investors
  • Utilize trust and commission accounting to efficiently manage client and advisor cash activity

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Deposit Broker

Electronically enter GIC and term deposit details from your product shelf. This includes

  • Consolidated view of a client’s holdings
  • Timely reporting and rollover features to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Trust and commission accounting to efficiently manage client and advisor money.

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Exempt Market Dealer

Winfund offers flexible software solutions to manage this high-growth line of business. This includes

  • Statement reporting
  • Centralized and  Decentralized models
  • Product  Shelf Management
  • Trust and Commission processing
  • Client and Advisor EFT functionality
  • Custom product setup to combine the best of both equity and fixed income offerings, tracked in multiple currencies.

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Winfund is at the forefront of electronic solutions for both life insurance and segregated funds for the Canadian insurance industry. Streamlining your processes every step of the way.  This  includes 

  • Automated Electronic feeds processing as well as exception handling
  • Dashboard technology to offer easy  view of your business.
  • Smart App solutions to allow for the electronic capture of an Application. 

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